More Details on Kate Major Arrest

Kate Major was arrested last Friday night in Boca Raton, Florida for battery and resisting arrest. Initially there weren’t many details known about what caused her arrest other than that she battered a police officer.

TMZ was able to get a hold of the police report from the incident and as it turns out, Kate was experience a worse than usual bout of psycho when she was arrested.

Police first arrived to a parking lot out front of an apartment building around 9:45 p.m. in Boca. Police were called because Kate was beating the shit out of a husband and wife. A group of people who were at the scene grabbed Kate and restrained her on the ground, which is when the police arrived.

Police tried to question Kate to figure out why she was beating people up and she started screaming obscenities at the wife and calling her a “fat f*ck” and a “bitch.”

The husband then told police that they lived at the apartment complex and were waiting to park in a parking spot because someone parked in their assigned spot when Kate and her roommate came running towards their car. Kate apparently opened the door, starting freaking out on them, and then began hitting his wife in the face, hands, and breasts. Wow.

This is clearly why Kate was arrested for battery.

In regards to the charge of resisting arrest and battering a police offer, the police report states that Kate slapped a police officer, tried kicking them, and was calling them names like “fat f*ck” when they attempted to arrest her.

Kate was released from custody over the weekend.

Wonder which drug she was using….


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