Janice Dickinson Has a Few Thoughts on Ali Lohan

Ali Lohan has been going through a transformation the past couple years. She used to look like this:


But now looks like this:














And in an effort to state the obvious, Janice Dickinson, who is notorious as a loud-mouth, opinionated, and outspoken shark, unleashed her uninvited opinions Ali’s way¬†after bumping into Lindsay in L.A.

Janice said that she had a long conversation with Lindsay about Ali’s shrinking figure and how it will only get worse if her modeling agents have their way and send Ali overseas to work.

Janice said that Lindsay was very concerned that a move like this would cause Ali to lose even more weight.

Janice said that modeling agents need to “have their own jaws wired together.”

Janice also stated that the trend in the modeling world is for agents to “pick these young girls and tell them to lose more weight and have plastic surgery.”

I guess Janice would know because she’s been part of the modeling world since the 1970′s; however talking about her conversation with Lindsay in L.A. seems like a passive way to speak out about the issues with the modeling industry right now. In my opinion, if Janice is going to take a hard bitch line with the industry, then she should be more steadfast than to merely recount a conversation with Lindsay.



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