Heidi Klum and Seal Not Divorcing – Yet

Hold up on those divorce talks! There may be hope for love just yet!

TMZ reported yesterday that Heidi Klum was to be filing for divorce from Seal this coming week in an LA County court (thus letting us all know that love was dead). However, sources close to the couple tells PEOPLE that we shouldn’t jump the gun just yet.

Heidi and Seal have gone through some troubling times lately, but aren’t ready to give up on their marriage – right now. “They’ve been fighting a lot lately, but they have no plans to announce a split right now,” the source says. “They’re not divorcing.”

The insider claims that distance has been a big problem between the two recently. However, both Heidi and Seal were at their Brentwood home on Saturday after the story broke – and they were wearing their wedding rings.

The source says, “they seem to be doing a lot better.”

I guess we’ll see, but this is one time I really hope TMZ is wrong!



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