Demi Moore Suffered Seizure After Doing Whip-Its!

Several news sources are saying that Demi Moore’s substance abuse related hospitalization yesterday stemmed from a seizure after Demi inhaled Nitrous Oxide on Tuesday night.

Or, in layman’s terms, Whip-Its.

Demi, who is 49 years old (but for some reason choosing to sniff Whip-It’s like a broke-ass high schooler), was rushed to the hospital after having a major seizure while with a friend on Tuesday night.  The official story was that Demi was being treated for overall health and exhaustion issues (ahh…the ol’ exhaustion card).

However, sources are claiming that Demi’s friends told emergency personnel that Demi was doing whip-its.  Demi had a reaction which sent her into a state of semi-consciousness and showing symptoms of a seizure.

Demi, girl – your life, your choices. I mean, don’t get me wrong, drug use and Hollywood go together like flies on crap, but Whip-Its? Seriously? I mean, just because you were married to a teen-aged troglodyte doesn’t make you should act like a teen-aged troglodyte. Damn.

On a side note, I now feel the urge to go old school and listen to Devo…


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