Kate Major’s Injury Pics & 911 Call!


Source TMZ

TMZ obtained photos of the roughed up Kate Major’s allegedly at the hands of Michael Lohan. The photos show bruising on Kate’s upper right arm and also some marks on her lower leg.  According to an arrest affidavit obtained by WTVT (Tampa’s Fox Affiliate), Lohan grabbed Major by the arm and threatened to throw her off the fourth-story balcony after a failed blow job attempt. Lohan decided to tell the Tampa PD that he was having chest pains and thus was taken to a local hospital, where he tried to later sneak out in an attempt to avoid detainment. He was eventually caught and arrested.

TMZ has also released audio of the 911 call’s made by Major  -listen here: http://tmz.vo.llnwd.net/o28/newsdesk/tmz_audio/102511_lohan_911_full_edited.mp3

In the audio, you can hear Kate not only telling Lohan that she is calling her aunt, but telling the Tampa Dispatch Operator “I can’t talk” repeatedly. On the call, she claims it’s because of her ex-fiancée (Michael Lohan).

Major’s also tells dispatch that she is afraid of him, and that “he is going to come in here, and hit me.”

Maybe he was a little upset his daughter was posing for Playboy?

I think we’re all missing the real news here.  Lindsay and her dad have both been arrested within a one week period. Let me repeat that, Lindsay and her dad are both arrested in the same week. Holy Shit, that is white trash win! Did they plan this over a family brunch? This family is fucking fantastic!  Remember, this is the same clan where mom, Dina, and LiLo gave us this fantastic family fun time pic!


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