Paris and “Firecrotch”: BFF (Again)?

Paris Hilton Lindsay Lohan Friends Again?

"Firecrotch" forgotten?



To quote Peter Venkman, human sacrifice, cats and dogs, living together…mass hysteria!


At least, that’s how I felt reading that Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan have put their differences aside to become friends again.


Once upon a time, the pair were uber close (and we mean UBER close…I remember those pics X17  had of them making out).  But then, the girls had a very public falling out and went their separate ways.


But now rumors say the girls are friends again, after Lindsay was photographed attending a small gathering at Hilton’s Malibu residence.


A source told TMZ, “Everyone was so surprised when Lindsay walked in and we thought they didn’t get along. But they immediately gave each other a big hug.”


Paris recently made fun of Lindsay on her TV show the World According to Paris (don’t worry, we forgot that Paris had a show, too).


With the Paris and Lindsay having kissed and made up, maybe a collaborative reality show is next,?  With LL’s legal troubles and lack of interest in Paris’s current show, it’s not that far of a stretch…


Never forget:



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