Paris and Lindsay Party Like it’s 2007

Paris Hilton Lindsay Lohan Friends Dine at Giorgio Baldi

These bitches



This is obviously a great decision, Lindsay.


Paris Hilton, Nicky Hilton and Lindsay Lohan were all spotted at the Palisades restaurant Giorgio Baldi Friday night.


During their evening out, Linsday tripped and fell to the ground, clutching at Paris’s wrist for balance.  Lindsay tweeted about the fall, “OMG, I’m so embarrassed, paparazzi just blinded me with flashes again, as I was walking to dinner.  They pushed me and I tripped :( it hurt”


A) I’m sure it was the paps fault you fell.  It’s always everyone else’s fault when something happens to you, right Linds?


B) Out of all the things you’ve ever done, this is what you’re embarrassed about?  Really?  I mean, besides the bleached white straw-like substance you call hair, I can think of about 20 other things you should be more ashamed of, including rekindling your friendship with the wonk-eyed leech Paris.


As for you, Paris, your skanky ass will obviously do anything for better ratings and fame.  After the interview pointing out Kim Kardashian’s popularity over you and your shit ratings for The World According to Paris, you decided  kissing and making up with Linds was a sure bet for grabbing the spotlight once again, no matter how brief or how negative.


Video below shows the the Hilton sisters and Lindsay arriving to dinner Friday, trying to pretend they’re not famewhores starving for the attention of the paps or striving to relive the glory days of 2007.



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