Lindsay Lohan Is Freed From The Confines of Her Slummy Home



Lindsay Lohan has finally completed her loonnngggg and agonizing stint under house arrest today.



The past 35 days in the confines of her slummy and uncomfortable pad must have been terribly boring. I just can’t imagine how she was able to get through the past 35 days by just reading… and cooking… and writing… and exercising…and talking to friends.



And now the real torture begins…she has to complete mandatory counseling and COMMUNITY SERVICE AT THE MORGUE!!!!! (Actually that does sound pretty torturous – but I don’t have the stomach for dead things)



So watch out L.A.  – Lady Lohan is free and she’s on the prowl.



She claims she’s turning her whole life around so that the movie industry will take her seriously again but we’ll have to stay tuned to see how well that works for her.




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