Lindsay Lohan Is a Dirty Mess with Dirty Urine



Lohan was supposed to do an interview with our man Matt Lauer on June 21. She had apparently only agreed to do a 15 minute interview. When Matt and crew arrived at Lohan’s pad they told her that they wanted to do an entire special with her and that the interview would end up being longer. She then threw a hissy fit (as usual) and kicked them out, canceling the entire interview.



Well now it’s known why she was such a bitch that day – because she had pissed a dirty urine sample and she knew that she was up shit’s creek with the Court. Apparently, TMZ reported that Lohan tested twice last week. One urine sample was clean and one was dirty for alcohol. Neither samples showed any drugs.
Lindsay has been on house arrest for allegedly stealing a $2,500 necklace. Her house arrest sentence is supposed to be up very soon; guess she was bored and needed a little more excitement in her life.

Lindsay is in Court right now hoping that she doesn’t get sent to jail immediately. The LA County Probation Department is expected to ask the Judge to revoke Lohan’s house arrest privileges and send her to jail.

This girl just will NOT learn!!!!



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