Judge Rules Lohan Did Not Violate Her Probation


This girl’s got better moves than Houdini.


Judge Stephanie Sautner has ruled Lindsay Lohan has not violated her probation. Sautner’s decision was based on the fact that Lohan’s previous judge, Eldon Fox,  only requested testing for controlled substances between January 3, 2011- February 25, 2011.  This did not include the use of alcohol, on drugs.

The judge also ruled that during the remainder of Lohan’s house arrest, the actress can only have one friend at a time visit, in addition to family members.
She is also not allowed to have any parties.

The judge mandated that particular rule after Lohan threw a rooftop barbecue last weekend at LA home.  Sautner said that the “Mean Girls” star was guilty of “exercising extremely poor judgement,” but continued, “poor judgement is not a violation of your probation.”



Because of the judge’s ruling, this means Lindsay can also now drink alcohol.



Lohan’s house arrest ends next Wednesday. (Until  the next time…)







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