SHOCKING! Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz File For Divorce

It was announced today that Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz have filed for divorce. Usually,you can see a celebrity divorce coming – rumors of infidelity, drug-use and separate houses always seem to come out before the divorce is filed. In this case, there were no rumors leading up to today’s news and just a few days ago, the family was even spotted wandering around West Hollywood in what appeared to be good spirits.

Friends of the couple suggest that Ashlee was simply fed up with Pete’s crazy antics. The report cited “irreconcilable differences”as the reason for the divorce and Ashlee is demanding primary custody of their son, Bronx, as well as child AND spousal support.

Ashlee sure is going for it! I wonder what exactly Pete did to spur such hefty demands. Knowing how rumors fly in Hollywood, I’m sure we’ll find out very soon!


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