Spencer Pratt & Snooki’s Ex Create A Dating Show.

Snooki from The Jersey Shore made a good decision when she decided to break up with her boyfriend of four months, Emilio Masella.  She suspected that he was only using her for fame and that seems to be exactly the case. The Gold’s Gym trainer spared no time and is already filming a dating show produced by The Hills star, Spencer Pratt. The reality dating show, Fist Pumping for Love, will follow Masella as he searches for true love.

“I am tired of these fake Italian girls” says Masella. “I want a real guid-ette who can speak Italian, so we are prepared to take my search from Hollywood, Calif., to the streets of Howard Beach in Queens, N.Y.” His ex-girlfriend Snooki was not Italian.

Filming for the show began this past Wednesday and will continue through the weekend. Heidi Montag is also listed as an executive producer on the show.

This show sounds like the WORST idea ever and is a complete rip-off of MTV’s The Jersey Shore. Will anybody watch Snooki’s leftovers as he tries to find new tacky guidettes? No-one can beat Snooki so there’s no use in even trying. This show will obviously FAIL.


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