Michael Lohan Says Lindsay Looks Like She’s On Drugs.

On Thursday, Michael Lohan hired a team of officers from the L.A. County Sherrif’s Department to break into Lindsay Lohan’s home where she is staying with her 16 year-old sister Ali Lohan. He described Linday’s place as barren, with just a mattress on the floor and no furniture. He also noted that Lindsay’ was”pale and her eyes were bloodshot”; she “looked like she was hit by a truck” and stated that her hair was unkempt.

Although no evidence was found, Michael Lohan believes that his daughter is on prescription drugs and cocaine. Lindsay denies everything and believes that her father is “nuts”.

I personally don’t know who to believe here. I think that they are probably both on drugs and that Michael Lohan has no business trying to help his daughter. He probably got her started on the stuff in the first place and is just using this issue to make headlines.


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