Vienna Gets the Bachelor.

Jake Palveki, 32, gave the final rose and proposed to Vienna Girardi, 23,  on the Bachelor’s finale last night. I usually don’t even watch the Bachelor, but I did watch 3 episodes this season due to my grandma’s love for the show. It still boggles my mind that women sign up for this sh**. Who wants to knowingly be two-timed right up until a potential wedding proposal? I really don’t get it.

Anyways, Vienna won Jakes heart last night, much to the dismay of viewers everywhere who  hated this tanned, bleach-blonde 23 year-old who also sports fake chi-chis and dark roots. Do they not get to re-touch their highlights on the show? What is this, Survivor?

Jake sighted his rejection of the other final contestant,  the adorable Tenley, to a lack of spark and instead went for the overly tanned, big-breasted, fake-blonde youngen. How typical…have males not evolved at all? The best part is that Vienna has a secret past including a messy divorce, an engagement at the age of 14, various jobs at Hooters and finally, some topless photos that are currently being shopped around.

The two are happy that they can finally share their romance with the world and will be spending a romantic vacation in St. Lucia, courtesy of ABC. Then, Jake will appear on this season’s Dancing With The Stars which will be sure to spike Vienna’s jealousy and send their romance on the downward spiral that is sure to come.


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