Snookie Updates: Meme and PostSecret Stardom

Snookie Shop features Snookie from MTV’s The Jersey Shore, super-imposed into various, random images. The site’s header states “A New Meme is Born”, Meme being a cultural phenomenon that spreads virally online.

Snookie Shop allows users to download a “transparent png file of Snooks” in a pink sweatshirt, uggs and sunglasses. Users can then submit their best Photoshopped Snookie to the site. So get started, you never know where Snookie could end up next!

The Jersey-Shore Snookie on Post Secret

I also particularly enjoyed this PostSecret. For those of you that don’t know, PostSecret is a website where users can mail in their deepest, darkest secrets to be posted on the site and shared anonymously with the world. This past Sunday, the above secret was shared. Below the post, the following comment was written by a reader:

“There are 8 in that post card and if she only loves one that would be 87.5% which means this person totally loves Snookie.”

I couldn’t agree more. That 12.5% was left out because no one could possible hate on Snookie even if they tried to.


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