Michelle McGee’s High-school Photo…People Change OK?!

(Image Credit: US Magazine and TMZ)

Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, the mistress of Sandra Bullock’s hubby, Jesse James, wasn’t always a tattoo-laden, nazi-loving, stripper. She was once an honor roll student at North High School in Eastlake, Ohio who had pouffy hair and no forehead tattoo in sight. She was also on the soccer and track and field teams, a cheerleader and member of the yearbook club!

Wow she was a true nerd, I wasn’t even a member of the yearbook club and I was known for not washing my hair for five days at a time and studying during lunch break when everyone else was fake and baking. OK enough about that. The motto is that people change and changed Michelle has. At 15, she got her first tattoo and at at 18, she had moved to the west coast to begin a career in tattoo modeling and stripping.

For those of you interested in seeing this piece of trash, Michelle is still stripping at the Pure Platinum Strip Club in San Diego, California. She was spotted ‘performing’, even after the scandal broke, to Tainted Love…ironic?


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