Jesse James Had More Mistresses. Sandra Bullock May Have STDs.

(Jesse James and Sandra Bullock)

What a surprise. Jesse James the husband of Sandra Bullock recently admitted to having a steamy affair with tatoo model and stripper, Michelle McGee. Well it turns out, that James actually had multiple affairs with other tattooed, fake-breasted women.

Michelle McGee

The next woman to come forward is Jesse James’ ex-wife, the porn-star Janine Lindemulder, who said that James’ called her two weeks after he wed Bullock to tell her he had made a mistake. The two then engaged in phone-sex, where he also propositioned her to come and hook-up with him at his shop, West Coast Choppers. She declined the offer.

Lindemulder is quoted as saying ‘(Bullock) once said, ‘I finally have a man who has my back.’ And all I could think was, ‘No, you have this man who does it behind your back‘. Lindemulder is currently residing at a half-way house after she was convicted of tax-evasion.

(Jesse James’ ex-wife, Janine Lindemulder)

Now, a stripper by the name of Melissa Smith, 40, who also sports tattoos and fake tits has come forward. She states that she and James had a two-year affair that began when he messaged her on Myspace in 2006, a year after he married Bullock. Sound familiar? The two frequently had unprotected sex at West Coast Choppers. Unfortunately,  Bullock has to worry about STDs on top of everything else.

(Melissa Smith. Source: Star)

On top of all these mistresses, there are rumors circulating the web saying James was sued for sexual harassment by a former employee of West Coast Choppers. Deann McClung sued James in 2001 for sexual assault, battery and wrongful termination claiming he forced her to engage in sexual acts with him! In an interview in 2005, Deann states “Jesse James forced me to have sex with him. He forced me to have sex, kidnapped me, locked me up and threatened me. He ruined my life.”

You would think that Bullock, being the smart and talented woman that she is, would have done a bit of a background check on James before marrying him. The porn-star, criminal ex wife and former sexual harassment lawsuit are quite the red flags. She must have been REALLY head over heels for this guy to not see these blatant signs.

Reporting on all of these cheating scandals are just making me HATE men. Come on guys, set some good examples.


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