DATE EACH OTHER: Jennifer Aniston & Zach Braff

I am sick of seeing Jennifer Aniston being constantly ditched by a-hole guys and destroyed by the media for her singleness. After her ex-husband, Brad Pitt, left her for the sexy, confident and altruistic Angelina Jolie, you would have thought she had it rough enough. But no, the media attacks her to this day, accusing her of trying to steal Brad back. Plus, she keeps dating awful guys like John Mayor who proceed to leave her and talk about the failed relationship to the media in order to get some press, or in the case of Vince Vaughn, they go on on to get married to Canadian Real Estate agents.

I think Jennifer Aniston needs some dating advice. She’s got a bangin’ body and a great career so she should be able to find someone who is nice and honest. I say, she should start dating the actor,  Zach Braff. He seems like a sweet, intelligent guy who likes to stay out of the media. He’s not too hot, so he won’t have irresistible women like Angelina Jolie try to sleep with him. What do you think about the match?


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