Jersey Shore Cast Signed On For Season 2.

For those of you who weren’t satisfied with the amount of fist-pumping, “creeping”, and trips to the gym, tanning salon and laundry mat in the first season of MTV’s “The Jersey Shore”, have no fear, there is talks of a season two for the original cast of this popular reality TV show.

ABC news reports that the cast is in negotiations with MTV to double their salary to $10,000 per episode. If MTV is smart they will agree, the Jersey Shore got the network the most press they’ve gotten since the first few seasons of “The Hills“, which is quickly fading from the spotlight. Who wants to watch snobby rich girls in this economy anyway? I say, bring on season two and more “juice-heads”!

The only problem is that MTV wants to start filming asap. Will the Jersey Shore still be same if the guys have to cover up their muscles and the girls have to lose the short shorts in order to brave the cold winter weather?


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