Jersey Shore Cast Classes It Up.

I never thought this was possible! In Touch managed to take the Jersey Shore cast out of their booty shorts and Ed Hardy tees and into the world of Gossip Girl. The cast posed in a glamourous photo shoot at the Ritz Carleton hotel in New York. Fake tans and hair gel was rinsed away and they slipped into khakis, blazers and conservative sweaters. However, you’ll notice Pauly Delvecchio wearing a cute little hat which was used to cover up his famous guido hairstyle. “It takes forever. I’ve got a million other things to do today”, he stated when the stylist tried to touch his precious locks.

This picture got me thinking how entertaining it would be to feature the cast of the Jersey Shore on an episode of Gossip Girl. Blair versus J-Woww? I see a cat-fight coming on!


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