Hugh Hefner No Longer Dating Twins.

Hugh Hefner has broken off his romance with the blonde twins Kristina and Karissa also known as “The Shannon Twins”. He states “They will now be friends, but they won’t be defined as the girlfriends”. Now that these girls have served their term catering to the old geezer, he will move them into the Playmate House so that they can begin working on cross-country promotions and really rake in the big bucks for the Playboy empire.

Hugh seems like he has a good little system going – choose young nobodies to have as girlfriends, get lots of press so that girlfriends become their own celebrities and finally, when they have marinated long enough send them to the Playmate House and get them some business deals to really make some cash.

Oh and don’t worry about Hugh, he still has one other girlfriend left, Crystal, who will always be there for him (until she too is ready to hit the Playmate House).


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